While balanced meals and exercise are the foundations of good health, exercise is bit harder to come by in this day and age of chaotic living. With more and more demanding jobs and hectic lifestyles your health could be the first thing that could take a back seat. With all the options to exercise – Yoga is perhaps one of the most holistic options that strengthens your body as well as your mind. There are various styles of yoga from posture based to breathing techniques to meditation. If you’re considering Yoga as your next option for a healthier workout routine then read onto discover what you could expect at your local Yoga studio.

What Kind Of Clothing And Equipment Do I Need To Bring To Class?

Yoga is essentially done barefoot and on a rubber or a sponge based yoga mat. Even for a beginner the usual stretches will require you to wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move comfortably.  You might want to inquire from your Yoga studio first as to what kind of session you could expect.  Absolute beginner classes can be found at the luxe yoga Brookvale studio which is run by qualified professionals who are eager to share their love of the subject with newcomers. A general rule of thumb would be to wear what makes you feel comfortable. This could be a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that has long-sleeves.

Buying Yoga Accessories

As a beginner you might not need any accessories, but some classes will make use of blankets, blocks, straps and bolsters. Check with the studio first before your purchase any of these items online as most studios have all this equipment already in stock. However, if you’re following an online yoga class then you will need to purchase some of these items. There are some online classes which suggest alternatives to the props that they recommend. But if you are thinking of buying anything at all – the yoga mat would be your most frequently used accessory.

How Would I Know If Yoga Is For Me?

As is the same with anything tried for a first time – the ‘pudding is in the eating’ as they say and you’ll only know if you like something unless you try it out. The best aspect of Yoga is that it does not require you to be at a certain fitness level. Nor is age a barrier to participating. However, with that said you may be recovering from an injury and that would make sitting for a long time a bit difficult or make it difficult to perform a certain posture. But don’t let that stop you as our instructor will steer you through many more options to get around any physical difficulties.

Apart from the tips above there are a few things that you do need to keep in mind before you begin your classes. It doesn’t hurt to do your homework and to shop around for the class that is right for you in terms of timing as that will make it all the more likely for you to stick with a routine.