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This crunchy orange vegetable has always been at the top when it comes to the benefits it has to offer to everyone’s health. Not only is this vegetable yummy and colourful, but it comes packed with great nutrition. It can be consumed both raw and cooked depending on what you want. It can be made into a soup, juice, snack, desert or part of your main meal. The best way to have it would depend on what you like and the options are always endless.

The Carrot for Snacks

Simply cut up carrots into sticks and enjoy it with a dip of your choice. A cheesy dip makes for a yummy option. For consuming raw carrots it’s best to have organic ones. These are free from pesticides and are this better for the health. Look for methods on how to store carrots to keep them for longer and keep them fresher. The carrots have to be crisp and firm all the time especially if you are going to use it as a snack. You can prepare your carrots ahead and store them in good containers that are specific for storing cut vegetables and take this with you to work or school to be had during breaks.

The Cake with Carrots

Carrot cakes are a yummy yet healthy treat. They require fresh carrots mainly. Clean the carrots from all soil and scrape off the skin lightly. Grate them and keep in a container with water to prevent it from discolouring and use when preparing the cake. Not only is this more of a healthier cake but it also is a vegan option. You can too top it with cream cheese frosting to add just the right amount of richness to the simple vegetable cake.

Health Meals with Carrots

Not only is this vegetable a major health booster it helps aid digestion too. Carrots are known to reduce cholesterol and improve heart health. They are a rich source of potassium and help regulate blood pressure. They are good for the eyes and improve vision issues. The high amounts of vitamin c found in these little orange vegetable boosts the immune systems health. All in all carrots are packed with so much goodness it is always a good idea to have a carrot a day. You can make a carrot soup or make carrot juice. We prefer the juice option as it means consuming it raw. Raw carrots will give you the best possible nutrition. Boiling and over cooking it can deplete some of its nutrition and thus turn out to be less amazing. So have a raw carrot a day and possibly keep the doctor away.

Carrots have become a staple vegetable in almost every home regardless of which part the world. They are used in salads, curries, cakes, soups, vegetable dishes, pastas and more. Buying carrots in bulk from the market can save you many trips up and down. The important thing about buying carrots would be to know how to store them effectively. If you buy carrot with their leafy tops, best method would be to cut off the tops and store them separately. Keeping carrots in a water bath in the fridge will keep them fresh and crisp for long.