Knowing what to pack in a baby bag is something of an art – pack too much and you can’t lift the bag but pack too little and you find yourself without something you desperately need.  Parents will always have their own formula for what they carry on what trip so here are some ideas to help you find your own essentials list.

The absolute essentials

Firstly, there are the absolute essentials, the things you cannot leave the house without.  Top of the list are diapers and most parents carry one for each hour you plan to be out along with a couple of extras.  Wipes go in with the diapers to deal with any messes, not just in the diaper department either.  And hand sanitizer is a parent’s best friend.

Many of the best nappy bags come with a changing pad or mat so make sure this is in the bag.  If your nappy bag has a wet compartment, you may just need to make sure it is clean after the last trip but it never hurts to carry some plastic waste bags too.

Formula or expressed breast milk depends on the mum and how she is feeding her baby but if you need this, make sure you have it in the insulated bottle holder most bags contain to keep it at the right temperature.  And for those irritable moments, a pacifier might be worth having in the bag.


Other items to consider

There are lots of other items to consider, depending on factors such as the weather, the age of your child and how long you plan to be out.  For example:

  • Sunscreen for hot days
  • Blanket if it is going to be cooler
  • Snacks for older babies and for toddlers to help stave off hunger (and don’t forget extra bibs if you take snacks)
  • Diaper rash cream if they are suffering from rashes and you will be changing them once or more while out

Some parents even carry a basic first aid kit with them to deal with any unexpected issues or accidents that can easily happy.  And don’t forget to pack things like your cell phone, wallet and keys or the whole trip could be over before it starts!


Author Bio:

Garima Manishi is currently going through her second round as a mum, having already had a little boy now two.  Her first child, is already proving the most troublesome of the lot!  She blogs about her life, experiences with the kids and how things change as you add to your brood.  Her practical advice is ideal for new mums and dads to help plan their lives.