It is easy to put on weight given the number of temptations all around in the form of fast foods, like burgers, fries, deep fried chicken nuggets, pizzas, hot dogs and many more. Add to that are the booming trends of cupcakes, ice creams, doughnuts and various confectionery items to satisfy the sweet tooth. With all these temptations around it is easy to give in. Plus many believe that losing weight means to cut down on all foods completely. This is far from the truth and if one does lose weight by giving up food the body would be very weak and unhealthy. Weight can be lost in a healthy manner following a systematic diet and exercise routine which ensures that the pounds shed do not pile up again. All it requires is planning a diet keeping in mind all the nutrients required by the body and sticking to it.



Balanced diet

Working out to lose weight is a great place to start but often people do not realise that muscles are lost during a workout or they undergo wear and tear and need to be repaired outside the gym. The muscles are repaired and toned by the diet consumed, specifically a diet rich in proteins. The way to a healthy weight loss and maintaining the weight is to adhere to a balance of exercise along with a protein rich and low cal diet. The protein content needs to be a little more post a workout to help tone up muscles, aid burning of unhealthy fats and to boost the immune system.


Switching to supplements

If a diet alone cannot provide the required protein content, then the switch to low carb protein supplements can be made. These protein powders can be consumed in the form of shakes and smoothies. The protein supplements are free of sugar thus helping further with the weight loss. In place of sugar, natural sweeteners are used which contain zero calories. Some protein powders and supplements also contain vegan friendly ingredients, such as plant extracts like pea isolate and brown rice protein isolate as main sources of protein along with natural plant based extracts such as raspberry ketones, green coffee bean extract and green tea extract functioning as fat burners. Ancient grains such as chia, quinoa buckwheat, amaranth and millets are also included as nutrient sources which provide fibre too. A low calorie diet must also include carbohydrates in measured proportions to help provide energy that is essential for working out. Saturated fats derived from almond milk, walnuts, almonds and soy is needed too for lubricating the bones, keeping the body supple and also as energy sources.


Benefits of protein rich diet

A diet comprising of proteins, carbohydrates, saturated fats is necessary to lose weight in a healthy way and to maintain the weight loss. Proteins are required in greater quantity as they help with the muscles to shape up and tone the body. Also greater protein intake spares loss of muscle and tissue so that only fat is lost during workouts. Proteins are the building blocks of the body and thus very essential. The other functions of protein include improving the immune system, helping stabilise appetite and energy levels and burn calories effectively too.


Just exercising or just fasting is not the right way to lose weight. A balance of regular workout with a protein rich low-cal diet helps attain weight loss without compromising on health.