How many of us are fitness gurus and love to exercise and get all that excess fat away from our body? But did you know that exercising does not only limit ourselves to just losing weight? Many of us as a matter of fact just go to the gym to stay in shape, not to lose weight. Did you also know that when you are underweight and are trying to gain weight there are different exercises for those who just want to stay in shape and get their bodies back into stamina and strength and health? Our bodies react differently and sometimes when we join a gym we are confused and many other people ask us why we are joining one without even knowing how it can help maintain the body and stay fit. Here are a few tips on trying to have a healthy body and stay in good shape.

Guidelines For Joining A Gym

When you are ready to join a gym, you tend to ask yourself: why are you joining a gym in the first place? Is it to gain muscle weight? Stay healthy? Or is it just to kill your time? Whatever it is that you are going to do or rather putting yourself through; there are many gym trainees around to help you plan your exercise routines and schedules. So, it is better to know exactly what you want and what the best exercise to lose weight are. Talking to a professional gym assistant can help you figure out which will go better for your body without having to strain yourself and your body unnecessarily.

1.    Drinking Lime-Water In The Morning

This may not be a ‘morning exercise’ but it is a healthy beginning to prep your body into losing all that excess weight around your belly area. For those of you who do not know, lime is an anti-oxidant and it helps detox your body from different kinds of harmful foods.

2.    Stretches

When you are new to working out or even a long-time fitness guru, the best way to loosen up your body is to do stretches which include: jumping jacks, light stretches, jogging in place and other smaller and easier muscle movements that ease any muscle tension and joint cramps in your body.

3.    Crunches

For those of you who have belly fat, these are the oldest and most common of ways to reduce weight. This is the basic of all exercises that are given to the people who want to lose weight super-fast.

4.    Walking

Walking is good for you, as a matter of fact it is a good exercise for everyone to initiate and enjoy. Whether you are a child, a teen or an adult you may find that walking is not only an exercise but also a great stress relief to many of us, and it feels good to walk around admiring the picturesque atmosphere and breathing fresh air.

5.    Planks

Planks are a great form of an overall full body workout and it helps to give strength to your legs. This can also help by making your posture and body become more sturdy and fit.