Online pharmacies have mushroomed in recent years and many consumers believe that these establishments are a great way to buy medicines for cheap. Online pharmacies are also very convenient. They deliver drugs straight to the doorstep! No more waiting in lines at your local pharmacy. While as convenient and affordable as online pharmacies can be, consumers should not blindly trust these establishments. There have been a number of issues associated with online pharmacies, mainly that some pharmacies are fake. People place orders, pay, but never receive their goods. So how can a consumer know whether an online pharmacy is trustworthy or not? Read ahead to find out.


Use Only Australian Websites

If you are buying from any online pharmacy, make sure the site and the business is Australian. Many fake pharmacy issues are associated with sites originating from foreign countries. The Australian government regulated online pharmacies to a certain extent. Even pharmacists that operate online must have registered business addresses in Australia. So a legitimate website will always have a complete business address listed that you can look up on Google Maps. If there are branches, each branch must have its own address in Australia. A telephone number or at least an email is also a must. If you see a .au site without an address, do not make a purchase.

The Website is Okay if the Pharmacists are Registered

The online chemist or the pharmacist associated with the website must be registered within the Australian state or territory as a pharmacist. Legitimate websites usually list the pharmacists name along with a photo. You can use this information to look up the pharmacist. A better way is to directly ask the pharmacist if they are registered and demand proof.

Avoid Sites that Sell Prescription Drugs without a Prescription

A legitimate online pharmacy would never sell prescription drugs without requiring to see a prescription. If a website does so, then you are probably purchasing counterfeit products that might do you more harm than good. Online pharmacies are not a way to surreptitiously obtain medications without physician recommendation. You can put yourself at serious risk if you buy prescription medications online without a doctor’s note. So avoid sites that practise this, and stick to other legitimate online pharmacies.

Be Cautious of Sites that Sell Really Cheap Drugs

If a medication costs $50 at your local pharmacy and if you can find the same drug at an online pharmacy for $5, then that’s a red flag. Online pharmacies do offer affordable prices that you would typically get at a regular pharmacy. However, these prices are never dirt cheap compared to the original retail price. If the price of a medicine is suspiciously low, then you may be looking at a scam or counterfeit drugs. Legitimate websites offer reasonably affordable prices for drugs. Therefore, save yourself by avoiding these cheap scam sites.

Be Aware of Miracle Cures

Legitimate online pharmacies are just like regular pharmacies in terms of inventory. You will see familiar brands and prices that are not too low compared to the original retail version. No legitimate website will ever claim to offer you miracle cures for things like cancer, obesity, migraines, or extra cholesterol. If online pharmacies offer dubious claims like this and try to make you purchase unknown medicine brands, then you should avoid such a site.

Follow the above advice, and you will be able to benefit from good prices and convenience offered by legitimate online pharmacies.