Thanks to the hectic lives we all live, aching feet are a common problem to most of us. However, it is not necessary that you have to live with that ache. Here’s how you can deal with it or even get rid of it permanently.

Find out the Cause

Here’s the thing; if you’re at an age where feet ache is only a part of the various aches and pains of your body, it’s easy to brush it off as a sign of aging. However, this means you don’t pay attention to it even when it may not be so. The causes of your aching feet may be a sign of old age, an effect of a new injury, an after effect of a poorly treated old injury, or even an occupational result. Either way, it’s best to find out exactly what is causing the pain, in order to treat it better, and eventually eliminate it.

What to do If It’s Due to an Injury or Body Condition?

If you think it is due to a new or old (sports?) injury, or even the symptoms of a body condition, then it is best to get yourself checked by a doctor. We recommend talking to your family doctor/ local GP about it and getting his suggestions for local specialists. Remember that every part of your body is specialized by professionals for this reason. For example, Adelaide podiatry should do the trick in your case.

NOTE: most people avoid going to specialists due to their expensive fees or even due to being afraid of what they may discover. If you feel the same, remind yourself that even if it turns out to be a serious body condition, you are giving yourself a fighting chance by approaching the professional in a timely manner.

What to do if it’s Due to Your Job?

If you are standing long hours or walking around a great deal in your job, then it is very plausible that this may be the reason for your aching feet. If you don’t enjoy your job a great deal, either request for a raise (if this eliminates the need for you to stand around so much) or save your feet by resigning from the job. If you love your job or if quitting is not an option, then try your best to rest your feet whenever a chance for it occurs. If you don’t have to wear a certain kind of footwear for work (as part of your uniform), then opt for comfortable shoes. Choose the padded kind that is insulated during winter and the airy, sandal type for summer.

Remind Yourself that the Small Things Go a Long Way

Not everyone is given the freedom of wearing footwear of their choice to work. Most workplaces force men to wear uncomfortable formal shoes, and women to wear uncomfortable high heels. If this is true at your workplace as well, make sure to keep a pair of comfortable shoes at hand to wear when commuting to and from work. It’s also best if you avoid being on your feet (as much as possible) before and after work; even if it means opting for a taxi.