Most people would say yes, they would like a flawless smile if you asked them, but in truth only a bare minimum of people are actually born with one. Generally, genetic conditions and developmental patterns have an effect on how your teeth shape up, though thankfully with modern dental practices being stuck with the same is no longer necessary. Exceptionally superior dental services and care that are around today make the dream of a Tom Cruise-style smile a reality. If you do not believe us, Google his before and after pictures. You will see how much of a difference cosmetic dentistry has made. On that note, let us take a look at veneers, a very common aesthetic dentistry treatment.

Understanding What It Is

Think of veneers as a mask of sorts, but for your teeth. They are generally used for your front teeth, and come in the form of porcelain shells. They can also be made out of composite resin which is cheaper, but definitely less durable. They are made by taking an impression of your teeth, which is then sent to the lab for constructing the veneers. The veneers are then placed accordingly on your teeth, ensuring a glove-like fit and completely disguising any stains, chips and cracks. It is honestly a little like magic.

Caring For Your Veneers

Veneers, especially porcelain veneers, are incredibly stain-resistant, but that does not mean you should be careful with them. Though you can continue enjoying your tea, coffee and several glasses of wine, be sure to limit them occasionally so you do not risk building stains over time. After all, everything has its limits. Even Superman has a weakness; kryptonite. However, as veneers are also considerably strong, you can expect them to last some time, although they may not stand up to impact sports for instance. Whether you opt for a dentist Keilor or elsewhere, they will always take you through the aftercare for veneers, so make sure you pay attention and follow accordingly.

Simple Process

The veneers process was touched on above, and there actually is not much else to it. The procedure is fairly simple and straightforward, and involves your dentist taking an imprint of your teeth beforehand. Afterwards, the dentist will discuss what shade is best suited for you, based on the colour of your natural teeth. The lab will then produce the veneers in the same shade, so they will not be noticeable whatsoever. In fact, if the dentist is skilled enough, nobody will know they are there.

Functionality First

Sometimes, people tend to seek cosmetic dentistry treatments without tending to more serious, underlying problems. This includes cavities, missing teeth and so on. Veneers are definitely not the same thing as implants, and if there are cavities, those must be tended to first and completely healed before you can go ahead. This is bearing your safety in mind primarily, and any responsible dentist should advice their patient of the same. Burying the issue is not going to help, so the functionality of your teeth takes first place at all times.